About Terra Bella Natural and Organic food distribution

My Family

We are a small family run company which is owned by George Nikoloulias, the youngest of four children. Our parents, Dimitrios and Stavroula, were farmers by profession who grew produce using organic methods. They grew olives, wheat, grapes, walnuts, chestnuts, figs, pomegranates, quinces, oranges and a variety of vegetables in the hilly farm town of Loganikos not far from the city of Sparta (Greece). In 1966, we immigrated to Canada for a better way of life. I started working part time in high school at a corner grocery store in 1979, I was 15 years old. Just about that time, corporate farming was in full speed, imagine farmers growing broccoli season after season as far as the eye can see in the Salinas valley of California. They would never rotate crops, add chemicals in the soil and use various pesticides to meet consumer demand.

Terra Bella our roots

In 1998, I was still working in the conventional produce industry, when a friend of mine began to constantly feel sick, so she decided to see a naturopath in NDG by the name of Jorgen Van Zsidy N.D. After her visit with the naturopath, it was suggested that she should make some dietary changes and include as much organic products in the diet as possible. I then accompanied her to the natural food store and saw the organic produce looking so tired as though they walked all the way from California. I tried organic produce anyway, and to my surprise the food tasted the way nature intended them to be.

In 1998, there was only one organic produce distributor and I was not impressed with his work. I sought another wholesaler in Toronto who was doing a better job and I slowly got into the fresh organic food industry. Presently, there are three organic distributors in Montreal. I mostly do business with Gaetan Bono and his director of the organic program, Armando Silva who is doing a great job.

Terra bella about us

Today in 2011, I do have a better way of life, I have a wonderful wife and daughter and own a business that I am passionate about, and once every few years we visit my family's country home in Greece and pick and eat fresh figs right from our trees.

-George Nikoloulias